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On October 2, 2023, artists and fans are calling on the US Congress to ban large corporations from getting copyrights on art made with AI. We demand a country where actual human actors, writers, musicians, designers, journalists, and artists of all mediums have the tools and rights they need to survive and thrive.

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Why this demand?

It’s a myth as old as the arts & media industries: you’ve got to starve to do great work. AI is the last straw. The exploitation of artists and creators should end right here, right now. 

For generations, big corporations have forced artists to sign their rights away in order to be stars. That’s why Prince didn’t even have the rights to his own name and Taylor Swift had to re-record whole albums! It’s time to make sure some rights are only for artists. That’s why we believe that if generative AI tools are going to exist, that they should be ONLY for the benefit of individual human creators.

By blocking large corporations from holding any copyrights for works like movies, music, and books that were created with significant AI-enabled elements, we ensure two things:

  1. That rich corporations will keep having to hire human artists and creators if they want to hold copyrights.
  2. That any powerful new AI tools become ways for individual humans to make more money, work less, and compete with the corporations that exploit them.

It’s way past time that Congress acts to support working artists and creators who are tired of corporate gatekeepers making it so hard to thrive. We’re pitching in to demand that they finally take action!

Call Congress!

Emails are great, calls are even better. You can even call every day between now and the day of action. Intimidated about calling lawmakers’ offices? We make it really easy. Just enter your phone number below and we’ll queue up what offices to call and a script to make it easy. If you call at night, you’ll be able to just leave a voicemail.


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